An Establishment Class:

Business Valuation and Exit Strategies

Understanding business valuation and the relationship between exit planning and wealth planning might not be top of mind for business owners—but it should be. Find out how these items could fit into your business plan—and how these concepts can merge into creating a sound financial plan—with The Establishment.

For those who own (or plan to own) a privately held business, any hope for successful operation starts with a plan. But along with steps to move your business forward, have you established

a plan to transition your business to the next generation? Have you devised an exit strategy that will be successful in monetizing business value while ensuring broader financial and personal goals are met? Understanding business valuation, risk, and exit planning for those still building professionally in the present can be a lot to digest, but to do so adds another layer of preparedness for entrepreneurs building toward the future.

It needs to be considered—and explained by those adept at breaking down complicated material into manageable terms. This session does that, providing attendees with a clear picture as they pursue their business futures.

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