An Establishment Class:

A Taste Of Wine and Philanthropy

Wine lends taste to a litany of occasions. Philanthropy provides vital support for communities and organizations. Depending on the event, knowledge of each can intermingle—so how does one learn the basics of both for the benefit of their long-term interests? Let The Establishment help.

A lot of good things can start with a glass of wine, such as charitable events for worthwhile causes. But for those who’d like to have a bigger stake in what they drink AND what they support, it all begins with learning a bit about both before a concerted advancement with each. Do you know about wine varieties, aromas, and the proper approach to tasting? Do you have a strategy to reach the initial goals of your charitable giving; an understanding of the tax implications involved with your planned strategy; or a clear idea of how to deliver transformative gifts through such transferred assets as retirement or life insurance funds? It can all get complicated, but this session provides clarity for those eager to contribute to their chosen cause—and raise a glass of red or white while they’re doing it.

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November 2020

Cassie Wilson , CLU, ChFC, MBA, Certified Special Care Planner

A Taste Of Wine and Philanthropy


@ The Establishment @ Walker Terrace | Oklahoma City, OK | 6:30PM - 7:30PM CST