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Omar Rosales

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my story

Impact. I think about the many people that influenced me through the years. There was the teacher, the coach, my first boss…etc. I would not be where I am without their wisdom and guidance. I learned that the impact that one person’s wise council can have is astounding. Before I began my career in financial services I had many great experiences that included being in ministry and traveling all over the world on mission trips. Eventually, my interest in finances led me to pursue this career so that I could guide and empower people to impact not only their families but also the community around them.

This life can be very busy and what I am discovering is that time does speed up as you get older. I am inspired when I can sit with a family or business and help them make good, sound, financial decisions that will allow them to take care of they things that are important to them. For many, it’s finding the balance of taking care of today’s needs while planning for the future.

When I am not working, I am spending time with my wife and three kids. I love hiking and camping when we have time (which isn’t much right now).  I like the extremes of mountains and beaches. More than anything, I love making memories and watching my kids find their passions.

You should know

I was born in Guatemala and grew up in Beaver, OK (talk about extremes). I have visited 21 countries

fun facts

Guilty pleasure

Cookies and Cream ice Cream

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Outer Space

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