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Drew Santine, ChFC, CPCU

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my story

Broke. I watched a 30 for 30 on ESPN called “Broke”. It was a story about professional athletes who went broke after exiting sports.  I thought, “Pro athletes should have an accountant, attorney, and financial planner to consult and help manage their lives.” Then I asked myself, “If those people should have professionals to rely on, how much more important is it for a regular person who doesn’t have millions of dollars?” I help provide that level of care to regular people so we change family trees for generations to come.

Calls from clients who tell me they are grateful for our services keep me going each day.  When I can help solve some problems in their lives, that’s a win for us both. It’s rewarding when people say they are better off after they have met me, regardless of whether or not we do business together.

I love Tulsa because it has some of the most caring, creative, and passionate people on the face of the planet. I am constantly impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of our city as well as the humility of our people. When there is a need, people spring into action and find creative solutions to problems that benefit not only our city, but each other.

You should know

Born in McAlester, OK. I am an Eagle Scout and have raced sailboats competitively because of the Boy Scouts. Happiest spending time with my wife.

fun facts

Favorite restaurant

Albert G’s

Drink of choice

Any seasonal beer

Hidden talent

Am an avid home brewer

Wish I knew more about

Automobile and motorcycle restoration

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Drew Santine, ChFC, CPCU

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